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 How to Turn Your Radio Show into a Cash Machine!

ravenwhitesuitemicinhandNew On-Line Talk-to-Cash Secrets with 6 live group coaching calls, question and answer session and hot seat opportunities! In this online course I will share the same 5 STEP Proven Success Formula I have been using that’s taken me from creating my first show from the ICU ward at Methodist Hospital to being invited to interview celebrities for some of the finest charities on the Red Carpet.  If you’re ready to learn how I did it, so that you too can interview top experts in your niche as well as celebrities and Make Money consistently with your talk show, without using fancy equipment… right from your Kitchen Table ….then you won’t want to miss my signature result-driven virtual boot camp that will show you EXACTLY how to turn your radio conversations into a cash machine! Cha-ching!


This is for you if….

  • You love having your show but need to start making it pay off … Nowraven-cnn
  • You’re frustrated in trying to figure it out on your own, you need someone to take you by the hand and show you the way to Success
  • You would like to get top experts to agree to be on your show so you can be recognized as the go to person in your niche
  • You’re wanting to have a profitable sustainable show that will thrive even in this economy


Module 1 – The Mindset “Shift

  • Having the mindset to Success
  • The Business of Talk Radio and how to play it
  • Three (3) keys to creating a winning and profitable show
  • From fear to fabulous – How to break through nervousness and lack of confidence
  • Fast track formula for edging out your competition and make your show stand out as a cut-above
  • Understanding how your story can take your business from surviving to “thriving


Module 2 – Conversion Strategies

  • Five quick-start steps you must take to make money on your talk show
  • Converting your Radio Conversations Into Cash effectively – taking guests from free to fee
  • The 3- biggest mistakes most radio show hosts make – the Do’s and Don’ts to making your show a profitable success
  • How to convert simple interviews into a powerful product that will sell over and over again
  • Converting listeners into buyers
  • Selling conversion strategies that’s inviting – not hype and guaranteed to make your conversion ratio soar


Module 3 – Interviewer Success Strategies

  • How Talk Your Way to Success, Fame and Profit on air and off
  • The number one thing you must do to guarantee a successful interview
  • Interview Profiting Secrets – Get my and Khaliq Glovers, Grammy Music engineer, insider secrets of exactly what to say to get that dream interview and who to say it to
  • What it takes to transition from interviewing experts on the radio to interviewing celebrities on the Red Carpet!
  • The 3 types of interviews I conduct consistently that pay me over and over again
  • E-Z product creation tips to help you produce your first winning product that stands out above your competition and…sells!
  • Joint Venture Success Strategies that will help you maximize your interviews
  • How to create timeless interviews that you can sell many times over plus get glowing testimonials from your guests


Module 4 – Profit Pulling Marketing Strategies

  • How to Master the Art of Tele-connecting and closing your sales in just one phone call
  • How and where to find your ideal client that’s excited to hear form you and ready to buy
  • The actual scripts I use to sell commercial spots and banner ads for her show (pdf)
  • Raven Raw and In Action – This is where you will listen to calls I’ve made to potential sponsors and guests. I share my methodology for each call so you will have a clear understanding of her presentation formula (audio)
  • My personal money making Talk Show Success Blueprint (pdf)
  • Identifying hidden income opportunities as a talk show host


Module 5 – Putting it all together – Raven’s Get it Done Now Success Strategies!

  • How to effectively apply the 11 Powerful P’s the Pros use to help you reach your financial goal faster rather than slower
  • Developing (RSSP) to immediately get you started making money with your show within the next 30 days or less
  • How to leverage from media and JV partners to help spread word about your show, products and services, adding $$$$ to your bank account
  • Understanding the components of packaging and pricing your radio show, products and services
  • Breakthrough techniques that will allow your show to soar to the top and possibly help you land your first award
  • Insider secrets to crafting a winning (IATO) that will rock your radio talk all the way to the bank day after day after day
  • Q&A, so your specific questions are addressed (I will stay on and answer your questions for as long as you need me to)

Plus Two Incredible Bonuses!

Bonus 1

  • 6 Figure Interview Secrets Live Group Training

Bonus 2

  • One VIP ticket to the “Red Carpet Interview Secrets” — 2 Day Live Bootcamp held in the LA area with access to the Amazing Women and Men of Power Talk Show Emily Awards ceremony in June of 2016.

Bonus 3

  • Live streaming masters video series.  A collection of interviews with top periscope and tv experts.

“Incredibly informative – gave me all I need”

diana-nightingale-300x225Ravens personal broadcasting course, was a god-send for me. As the widow of, radio legend, Earl Nightingale, many of my customers today first heard of Earl over the airwaves of early radio. His, “Our Changing World”, radio show was heard daily around the world, but it was always his desire for the two of us to have a radio show together one day. Through the years, many station managers have confirmed the need for positive programming, and could see a program hosted by myself as filling a great yawning need in radio, but said that “sponsors won’t pay for that kind of programming”.

“When I learned about Raven’s broadcasting course, I just about jumped for joy! The Course, is incredibly informative and provided me with every tool I needed to be on the air and sharing the Nightingale messages. The only thing Raven asked me to bring, “to the table” was, my own personal desire!”

“Raven, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” — Diana Nightingale, Speaker/Author; Nighingale Radio, Host |

Ready to reserve your seat and get the real secrets on
How To Rock Your Radio Talk all the way to the bank?

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TalkToCash Secrets…Let Me In!

I understand for a limited time for $2997, I’m going to receive your TalkToCash Secrets Online BootCamp where during this five week virtual training I will receive all I need to gain the confidence I need to take my show to the next level, interview prominent experts and turn my conversation into Cash, plus the four bonuses listed above!

Audios and Transcripts of:

  • Module 1 – The Mindset “Shift”
  • Module 2 – Conversion Strategies
  • Module 3 – Interview Success Strategies
  • Module 4 – Powerful Profit Pulling Strategies
  • Module 5 – Putting It All Together – Getting It Done!




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